About Our Company
Technology Is The Inception of Modern Business.

We are specialists at managing complexity and delivering simple, robust solutions backed by dependable, secure technology.

Digilancer is transforming the “Gig Economy” so that hard-working entrepreneurs and small business owners can earn a sustainable living. Digilancer is revolutionizing the way people work across 36 countries in 40+ industries. We provide the information and tools that service providers need to take control of their business future.

With our deep knowledge of industries, business objectives, and audience insights – Digilancer better outcomes, unlock new opportunities and deliver ongoing value. With Digilancer , businesses can rely on a system that is powerful, easy to understand, and constantly adapting to the market.

Where It All Started?

Our story began in a small, modest office in Virginia. A place where big dreams were nurtured and ambitious ideas took flight. This was the birthplace of Digilancer , a place that fostered our vision of a technologically advanced future, setting the stage for our journey towards global recognition……

Our Philosophy

At Digilancer , we understand the world of highly connected, always-on, highly opinionated, always-on-the-move consumers. We understand that customers have power, and they know how to use it. They have expectations and they have choices if those expectations aren’t met. And they also have a voice & it is loud and, clearly reachable thanks to today’s technology. To earn our customers’ loyalty, we go way beyond any loyalty program, we start by earning their trust…..

Our Vision

It’s easier to navigate in a world that’s been properly mapped and labeled. It’s just not how you’ll find us. To understand what we do, you have to understand why we do it. To understand why we do it, you’ll have to look beyond the books distributed in schools and discard the descriptions coined by the consultants or the click-driven media…..

Our Mission

Although technology is often described as a way to simplify complex tasks, often times the information on how to convert complex, confusing information into content that is easy to follow, understand, and apply isn’t that simple to understand.

Our Value

Our top-notch team comes up with simplified technology-driven solutions for all the complex problems being tackled by today’s business. Saving businesses valuable time and money, while providing all the context they need to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers.


Transition to a Net Zero

We are proud to be the first company of our kind to transition to a net zero society. As a socially, and environmentally responsible company we’re committed to using the combined marketing and brand power as a positive catalyst for all our members. The Digilancer management team believes that these actions have a positive impact on the Company, its employees, and its network members.

Equal Opportunity For All

We’re honored to be an inclusive company that provides equal opportunities for everyone. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and supportive workplace. Without any discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, background, gender, or country of origin, all competent candidates can apply at Digilancer .

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